Cash is trash

Cash is trash

Dollar in decline

Dollar in decline
got gold?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Frenetic trading pace today. Many bargains

gold down almost $12.00 despite US dollar weakness, then rebounding right back up. I was buying.
Got back my cristopher james CJG at .80, bought some more cornerstone capital CGP at .81, strateco at 3.28 which I have now sold at 3.42, more BVG, more RFM, more FMM, and even got some ECU because they released good news today. The panic sellers have made my day. Looking forward to $730.00 gold

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

sold most of my christopher james gold

CJG was given a robust pump on ROBTV monday night, market call had Robert Cohen, portfolio manager, Dynamic Funds on the show , and he picked Christopher james gold as one of his top 3 picks. Stock was at .71 just a few minutes ago it hit 1.10 I have sold a chunk of my stock above 1.00, now as i write this its back down to .94
We have to take advantage of these pumps, and do some dumping, I hope to buy back under .90, but there is a bid wall of 102000 shares sitting at .90, but we all know depth can disappear in an instant. happy trading.

Monday, February 5, 2007

My only uranium play

RSC-TSXV Strateco resources. I bought as low as .58 - a good play considering U308 spot price is $75.00, and calls for $100.00 plus are widespread.